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After renting or purchasing our Flashing Equipment you may need some additional assistance in getting it to operate smoothly or just learn how to perform the procedure.

If you have never performed an ECU flash, then you will first need to download and install the necessary software (found below) onto a PC running Windows XP or newer. After your PC is setup you will need to install the OBDII Flashing Equipment in your vehicle. You can use the instructions linked here for more assistance.

After your ECU has been flashed with the new calibration you can begin to log your data if you have chosen a package that contains a datalogging device. Logging your data with the provided ScanTool OBD Link can be done on an Android device. We recommend Torque Pro, but you can use any app compatible with the provided ScanTool OBD Link. For help with using the Torque Pro app, follow these instructions.

Please email ecmdev@sxthelement.com for any issues you encounter in the calibration process.

No, please use a battery tender or replace the battery as the flashing process relies on a fully charged battery. Failure to adhere to this instruction may result in damage to the ECU.

Make sure to turn off all lights/power draws and disconnect your phone from Bluetooth if it's connected to the car.

Please contact us to send a new file, as it may have been corrupted in transit. Do not attempt to flash the vehicle until we have corrected the issue.

You may cancel your order before it has shipped. All sales are final once they have been shipped. If you are unsure if you want to modify your ECU, please consider weighing the options of Stock vs. Modified before purchasing.

Please make sure that the battery voltage is sufficient (>12 volts) before starting the program. You will receive a warning if voltage is too low. Disconnect all devices from vehicle and turn off the headlights. Re-download the calibration file you were sent and try to flash again. If this message continues please contact ecmdev@sxthelement.com.

Our flashing software only works on Windows XP and up devices.

It takes roughly 20 minutes to "read" the vehicle's ECU. Once the "read" has been completed save the file and send it to us. This is an important step as once you write back to the ECU there is no way to get the stock calibration back other than using the "read" that we took before writing.

You can rent the flashing equipment again to flash back the OEM calibration (we always keep copies of your OEM calibration in our database). Please contact us for more information.