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Our Story and Beginnings

In 2014 two co-workers decided that their engineering prowess could be put to better use in a market that suited their passions. After searching the automotive markets for the vehicles that deserved more attention than they were getting, they found Hyundai and Kia. After that discovery, SXTH Element Engineering was born. In 2017, after just a short 3 years of many late garage nights after work, they moved the operation to Greenville, South Carolina and into their first commercial space. Using their mechanical engineering knowledge they were able to design a plethora of engine and general automotive aftermarket advancements. As the year rolls into 2018 it’s a great outlook with a great community of customers. We’ve met many of you on the roads and at shows, and look forward to meeting many, many more of you as we grow the company to encompass more vehicles and even more awesome customers.

Our Process

Before any designing can be done we like to use the latest in available technology to aid in the design process. We started with 3D scanning. This is done with a digital scanner and can be performed on an engine outside of the car or in the car or even the entire car itself! A usual occurrence for scanning is the engine bay, radiator support and sections behind the bumper. This provides us with a thorough 3D model of our working space with all of the 3D info we need to design what we want. What you see here is a scan of the front end of a Hyundai Elantra Sport in preparation for the design of a Front Mount Intercooler kit.

Once the scanning has been completed we import the data into our CAD software. Then we line everything up to start designing!

After working with the 3D scans we make our CAD models and drawings to move on to the manufacturing step.

Using the CAD files that we have created, we manufacture with CNC mills/lathes, mandrel benders, TIG and MIG welders, and other hand-crafting techniques to finish off the new product.